“When you have a website or application that you are looking to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing their goals, the UI Specialist is your pro.”


User Interface Specialists play an integral role in making end user interactions with websites, mobile devices, and applications as simple and efficient as possible. In other words, user-centered design. This includes any aspect of a person’s interaction with a given systems such as interface, graphics, physical interaction and industrial design.


This is how they will deliver their results…

  • Creating detailed wireframes for complex web and mobile applications
  • Mapping out end-to-end user interface workflows
  • Creating simple and beautiful interfaces for web, mobile devices and tablets
  • Selling the vision behind user experiences and interfaces to project teams and stakeholders
  • Contributing to user experience best practices and act as an experience evangelist to the company
  • Providing guidance on user interface trends and issues
  • Working with product teams to define features needed to create a great user experience for all users
  • Creating user interfaces across multiple platforms (i.e., web, tablet and mobile)