“Looking to tap into the Facebooks, Twitters, LinkedIns and other online places that your current and future customers spend their time? This is guru behind understanding the relationships between the various social media platforms, the company’s products, services, and image, and customers. They take that information and translate it into strategies to attract and retain customers.”


Social Media Marketing Specialists play an integral role leading strategic development and execution of social media initiatives. This includes such aspects as researching, developing, and executing strategies on several digital mediums, including blogs, social media, email, paid search (CPC), Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and digital display ads.​


This is how they will deliver their results…

  • Responding to customer/follower inquiries through social media channels.
  • Moderating comments and following up to find answers to questions received.
  • Developing working relationships with internal and external technical partners to help ensure communication tools perform correctly.
  • Providing social media strategy.
  • Conducting customer, vendor and competitor research.
  • Gathering, analyzing, translating and data into conclusions for review.
  • Assessing competitive products, pricing and networks.
  • Providing segmentation insight.
  • Assisting with coop advertising.

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