“Think of them as the owners of product strategy and user experiences for your business as well as being a key supporter of your sales team to support their execution to drive growth and revenues. They help make sure that your website’s product presentation is accurate, updated, and effective.”


Product Marketing Specialists play an integral role in the successful creation and product management combined with updating of product websites.​ They may also be responsible for maintaining accurate and detailed communication with vendors, product managers and internal staff.​ They also commonly assist in the execution, development and maintenance of internet and extranet websites, web support, month e-newsletters and interactive marketing activities.


This is how they will deliver their results…

  • Accurately entering related data and media in company databases and updating as needed
  • Ensuring peak website presentation at all times
  • Resizing and formatting graphics and photos of products correctly for posting
  • Verifying data and matching correct information to products and photos
  • Requesting required information and completing necessary follow-up actions
  • Identifying and reporting product/​process issues and offering suggestions for improved performance
  • Building a keen understanding of company customers, market, status quo and the competition
  • Defining segmentation, scenarios, buyer personas and value proposition and using that to build positioning, targeting, pricing and messaging
  • Creating and executing successful outbound marketing campaigns to generate leads
  • Optimizing non-paid acquisition costs and life-time value through strategy and tactics

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