“Are you looking for someone to plan, implement and manage “buying visits to your site” as opposed to relying on earning those visits organically? If so, the Paid Search Operations Specialist is for you.”


Paid Search Operations Specialists play an integral role in planning, implementing and managing the process of bidding for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links to generate leads and visits. Successful PPC requires knowing how to select the right keywords, how to organize those keywords into well-organized campaigns and ad groups, and setting up PPC landing pages that are optimized for conversions.


This is how they will deliver their results…

  • Building and managing paid digital campaigns across search, display, video and other ad networks
  • Creating strategy, defining goals, managing client expectations
  • Optimizing campaigns for continued improvement
  • Creating, categorizing and refining keyword lists to create a comprehensive campaign that drives qualified visitors to client sites.
  • Implementing successful bidding strategies and effective keyword management.
  • Monitoring, revising and optimizing ad text as necessary
  • Analyzing and assessing the performance of campaigns
  • Translating quantitative and qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising the campaign strategy
  • Communicating with clients on status, timeline, budget, deliverables, performance reporting, and competitive intelligence analysis.

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