“With the continued growth in the number of ecommerce marketplaces creating more and more challenges to properly represent your business online, having a marketplace expert provides you with the knowledge you need to ensure proper representation of your products or services pricing and content online.”


Marketplace Specialists play an integral role in the management of product offerings across the various marketplaces to ensure optimal service to customers. They are responsible for the development and maintenance of ecommerce marketplaces. They are the professionals responsible for nurturing and leading the growth of the company’s marketplace.


This is how they will deliver their results…

  • Embedding analytical solutions and marketplace expertise to the Company internal teams and trade customers
  • Leading communication with and across the Company marketplace
  • Monitoring and reviewing seller feedback and product reviews
  • Implementing promotions across multiple channels such as social media and blogs
  • Assisting merchants with service related issues
  • Conducting advanced analytics initiatives to drive profitable business decisions
  • Providing analytical expertise to product and brand teams for ongoing and strategic initiatives
  • Applying promotional effectiveness for categories and determining price elasticity
  • Determining industry demand via macro trends and other industry variables

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