“Think of this individual as your Email Zen Master. They are the pros that develop, optimize and execute email campaigns to drive company growth and revenues.”


Email Marketing Specialists play an integral role developing, optimizing and implementing automated and ad-hoc email campaigns that are aimed at increasing company growth and revenue.​ They develop the company’s email strategy and are responsible for executing that plan.​


This is how they will deliver their results…

  • Planning and developing effective email campaigns.
  • Implementing test and control tactics for outbound email events to improve existing lead generation tactics.
  • Monitoring, reporting and recommending on all email marketing activities and trends
  • Locating creative ways to increasing response and conversion rates for all email campaigns.
  • Creating and scheduling automated and ad-hoc programs.
  • Managing email lists.
  • Creating a testing strategies to optimize results of existing email campaigns.
  • Ensuring messages are both web and mobile friendly.
  • Managing schedules of deployment to optimize user responses.
  • Generating, analyzing and interpreting data for email campaigns.

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