“Are you looking for opportunities to have others recommend your business, services or products to potential customers? The Affiliate Marketing Specialist is the mastermind behind designing, creating and delivering these programs to support the growth and expansion of your business.”


Affiliate Marketing Specialists play an integral role in developing strategy, designing, delivering and managing affiliate channels and relationships. They utilize website traffic to identify trends and patterns of customers and their behaviors to assist with maximizing traffic, customer satisfaction and sales generation.


This is how they will deliver their results…

  • Developing content and keeping the company website current
  • Designing and developing product information materials
  • Designing and developing sales presentation materials
  • Assisting with company newsletter content and campaigns
  • Assisting the management of content on social media channels
  • Coordinating joint marketing materials with third party affiliate companies
  • Supporting lead-generation and brand awareness programs
  • Maintaining auditing and compliance programs

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